About Our Brand

Here at Dangle, We want you as comfortable and stylish in any weather on the water.

Meet The Owners

Justin Frankel-Co Owner

As well as being an Army Veteran, Justin loves being out on the water.

Still new to the fishing scene, Travis and Derek have got him hooked. Spending the weekends at Travis lake house "Camp Goon," Justin loves the days out on the boat.

Justin has been in the apparel industry for over 12 years, So it was about time to partner up and start a brand that will have a great impact.

When his cousin Derek sparked the idea of putting Dangle on a hoodie for him, the wheels could not stop spinning.

Thus Dangle Fishing Co. was born.

Derek Taylor- Co Owner

Derek Taylor is credited with coming up with the brand title "Dangle." Derek asked Justin for a hoodie with just the word "Dangle" on it, But then the apparel brand was born.

Derek has been in the fishing community for too many years to count. A New Hampshire Native his whole life, Derek Has been out on some of New Hampshires best body's of water and continues to fish this great state year in and year out. Derek also takes annual trips to texas, as well as to Lake Champlain each year to make sure his fishing skills are as honed in as possible.

If you are looking for some recommendations on what to Dangle in the water based on the time of year, weather conditions, or his personal favorites, dont hesititate to throw us an email and Derek will be sure to connect with you!

Travis Durand- Co Owner

Travis has been on the hunt for the largest lunkers since a young boy.

Growing up in New Hampshire with a lake house up north, Travis never has had a summer off the water. Learning the ways as a kid from a family friend Big John, Travis has honed in his craft over the years.

There isn't a weekend that goes by that Travis aka "GOON" is not out on the boat alone, or with friends, Dangling his line in the water.